Chrysler Vision Reviews

Up to a hundred a little more than eight seconds – 8.3, the configuration with a diesel engine is the same as with all gasoline ones. The costs are adequate to the driving performance. It stands perfectly on the track, there is almost no roll on corners, I will say that before this was the E320 of 2004 and I was very dissatisfied with it. I’m thinking of changing it to a newer year, but definitely Town The automatic passenger doors make a huge impression. Both fronts are height adjustable. In general, I think that the 10 cues spent on buying and bringing to mind are fully justified, given the class
car. In the presence of a leather interior in winter, there is no gut. A chic car for a family (rest, fishing. ) 02.10.2007 Large, representative, powerful. Traction and ABS are present. Mineral oil (this boiler simply does not need cooler). With such an engine volume, of course, it is a bit gluttonous (16 l / 100 km), although this is a comp. more Consumption track 13 (at 140-160), city, depending on driving style and season 15-20. 20 is if you don’t save at all, heat all over and with air conditioning around the city in traffic jams. =) Everything is on buttons, including chairs. Soft, torquey. 02.10.2007 There were already 4 such cars, I tried to look for a replacement – there really isn’t one. Although the car is not intended for the carriage of goods, it just fits into it just unmeasuredly, somehow drove building materials, everyone was surprised that the gazelle did not have to be ordered. Although the trunk is large, the opening is narrow (everything is different on the LHS, put at least a refrigerator flat on top). I drove 12000 km across Ukraine. more Soft, torquey. A car for those who have nothing, no one needs to prove it. Consumption line 13 (at 140-160), the city in the head. more Full comfort and satisfaction. 07/08/2007 Let’s just say that I got a lot more from my expectations, since I have a 3.0 diesel and I did not think that it was so quick, its dynamics, let’s say, are better than. more A smart car. It starts up in any frost from half a kick.

Chrysler Vision Reviews


Let’s just say that I got a lot more from my expectations, since I have a 3.0 diesel and I didn’t think it was so quick, let’s say its dynamics are better than some gasolines. Climate and cruise control. 20.02.2008 A car for those who have nothing to prove to anyone. Bought in March and now 13000km. and there are no problems or claims – the machine is just a CLASS. When kickdown, it honestly gets out to the limiter, but this has to be done extremely rarely. The automatic passenger doors make a huge impression. Comfort and once again comfort. 03.08.2007 Appearance is impressive, for everyone. The automatic transmission came with an "autostick", i.e. manual mode, but this is even superfluous with such an engine, although it is very convenient in winter with snow porridge – rushing like a tank. Indispensable for family trips. With such a volume of the engine, of course, it is a little voracious (16 l / 100 km), although this is compensated by the dynamics. If YOU have a diesel in the sale – don’t be afraid to take anything – a diesel is also great. The metal of the body is very thick. The interior is huge. Driving performance on top (211 mares). Behind you can just dance. The appearance is impressive, everyone. 03.03.2008 Gorgeous car. Two years in a row I drove it to the Crimea, seven people in complete comfort and with good speed. Big, representative, powerful.Comfort and again comfort.Driving performance is on top (211 mares).Only 92nd benz. A chic car for a family (rest, fishing. ) more Naturally, it does not imply any savings. Excellent equipment for all occasions in life.Large interior,comfortable seats,powerful chassis,quick engine.With front-wheel drive, it is stable on ice and in wet weather.The disadvantage is that the middle and rear seats cannot be expanded.The side door cannot be lubricated grease – dust sticks to it and the door is hard to close, it is better to lubricate the rollers with machine oil, but more often. This is an indicator. There is no heater in the state. Of the shortcomings, plastic squeaks in the cabin can be noted, but we will write it off for age. Locomotive traction straight from the bottom, like a trolleybus. Full comfort and satisfaction. more I drove 12000 km in Ukraine. There were already 4 such cars, I tried to look for a replacement – there really isn’t one. And than . he’s just incredibly handsome. There is not even a hint of any rot. At a speed of 160 only 3000 rpm. Now there was an idea to take a station wagon, but this is in four or five months. The engine is by no means twisting, although it can.

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